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Research and Development

Our Research and Development team

We're working alongside you to develop novel products that remove obstacles in your gene therapy bioproduction workflow.



Innovating for the future of health


We're investing in the discovery of novel products designed to give you a competitive advantage in your work. With custom manufacturing capabilities that fit seamlessly into your cell and gene therapy workflow and our in-house scientific expertise, we can be a true partner to you, helping you overcome bioprocessing challenges and accelerate your breakthroughs.

By scientists, 
for scientists

We launched our Research and Development initiative in 2021, bringing together a talented team of scientists with diverse specialties including synthetic biology, cell line engineering and development, cloning, downstream processing, advanced analytics, and viral production. Our intimate understanding of your workflow helps us make solutions possible. 


Advancing AAV bioprocessing solutions

Our current focus is on supporting customers working in cell and gene therapy with our custom capabilities and products. To truly understand your specific challenges, we have outfitted our laboratory with a complete end-to-end solution for AAV production, purification, and analyses. This includes plasmid construction and scaleup, suspension-based viral production, a downstream processing suite with multiple AKTAs, and state of the art analytical instrumentation for total characterization.

Sharing our science

Our Teknova Talks series is dedicated to sharing our team’s discoveries with the wider scientific community. By openly sharing our findings, we hope to bring scientists closer to the big breakthroughs that can improve health outcomes for millions of people.

test tubes

Our novel products

We currently have two proprietary products in the final stages of development. An RNA-based reporter assay for AAV detection that improves on current infectivity tests, and an AEX buffer screening kit that allows customers to rapidly find their optimal buffer formulation for full capsid enrichment.

Our collaboration with 
Sartorius BIA Separations

Streamlining the downstream purification process

To address a critical pain point in gene therapy process development, we brought together Sartorius BIA Separations’ proprietary AAV platform that optimizes the separation of viral particles, with our custom, high-quality buffer solutions that maximize capsid enrichment.

Our findings

Together, we have conducted a robust design of experiment (DOE) and successfully created a screening kit with optimized buffer formulations that drive consistency and increased AAV purity when paired with the 
BIA CIMmultus® QA monolith.



Working together to
make solutions possible

“Teknova is the perfect partner for us as we explore robust, end-to-end solutions for our gene therapy customers seeking to achieve better results in the separation and analysis of viral particles. Based on their ability to quickly manufacture high-quality, custom buffers that are consistent from batch to batch, we’ve been able to reliably reproduce results and confidently target the discreet differences in empty and full AAV particles.” 

- Aleš Štrancar, Managing Director at Sartorius BIA Separations



Interested in trying our AAV Reporter Assay?

Join our Early Access Program to get advance access to our novel products, including our AAV Reporter Assay and AEX screening solutions for additional serotypes. Email us at to learn more.

Join our Early Access Program


We are actively looking for partners to participate in our Early Access Program. You'll gain exclusive access to our AAV Reporter Assay and additional AEX buffer screening solutions (including AAV6, AAV8, and AAV9) and have the opportunity to provide feedback that can shape their design.

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Did you know?

We have AAV production capabilities in-house, including plasmid cloning for research. If you are interested in AAV purification services, get in touch with our team to discuss.

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