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Get to know our agar plates

Explore our wide variety of agar media types, ranging from LB to Tryptic Soy to synthtically defined. We offer ready-to-use pre-poured plates with additives included, for example, carbenicillin, ampicillin, kanamycin, x-gal, and IPTG​. 


With custom antibiotic formulations, animal-free options, and our scientific expertise, we can help you overcome growth challenges so you get the reliable results you need to move your science forward.

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Product categories
18 Categories
  • Malt Extract Media Yeast and Fungal Culture Media
  • Mueller-Hinton Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • MRS Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Synthetic Defined Media Yeast and Fungal Culture Media
  • Terrific Broth Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Yeast Peptone Media Yeast and Fungal Culture Media
  • Sabouraud Dextrose Media Yeast and Fungal Culture Media
  • Mannitol Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • YT Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Complete Minimal Media Yeast and Fungal Culture Media
  • Nutrient Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • M9 Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Brain Heart Infusion Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • MacConkey Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Tryptic Soy Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • SOB and SOC Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • LB Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Middlebrook Media Bacterial Culture Media

Flexible formats

All shapes and sizes

We offer agar in pre-poured plates and tubes or dispensed into bottles to save on storage. Our formats range from standard round 100 mm plates to multi-well oblong plates for high-throughput robotic applications and gridded contact plates for environmental monitoring.

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Eliminate a variable in

your experiments


Our comprehensive quality control system is designed for your peace of mind. Incoming raw materials are screened for growth performance before being implemented on the floor, and final formulations are tested for consistency so you get reliable results from first plate to last in every batch.

Get in touch to learn more about how we ensure performance to help accelerate your breakthroughs.

We have developed a breadth of tests for our customers' unique applications, handpicking 27 bacterial and 8 fungal strains to establish proprietary predictive growth patterns that include a variety of antibiotic combinations. We perform tests daily, inspecting growth patterns for efficiency and consistency.

We screen the first and last plates in every lot for sterility and performance to help ensure batch-to-batch consistency so you get reproducible results.

We have refined our products and testing to make sure you get optimal shelf life when it gets to your lab. We can perform custom stability testing for your unique storage conditions.

We maintain retention samples for the lifespan of the product, so we can continually test its integrity.

Did you know?

Our standard 100 mm round pre-poured plates come in easy-dispense sleeves developed by our engineers to maintain sterility.


The sleeves minimize environmental exposure as you dispense your plates, and are heat shrink-wrapped for added protection. 

Explore our other products

All our products are fully customizable, from formulation to format to fill volume. Our experts can help find the ideal solution for your application and efficiently manufacture your custom product.

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