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Plasmid Workflow

Solutions for every step

of your plasmid workflow


To expedite your plasmid production, we offer a wide variety of high-quality off-the-shelf and custom solutions,

from selective culture media to buffers and reagents that can be used throughout the pDNA growth and purification process.

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  • Selection and Culturing
  • Purification and Recovery


Facilitate your molecular cloning with our extensive library of ready-to-use pre-poured plates. Whether you need a standard agar plate with one antibiotic, or a custom format and fill volume that includes multiple antibiotics and additives, we can quickly meet your cloning needs. 


Free up your time spent formulating, sterilizing, dispensing and QC testing your custom formulations and focus on the complex inner workings of your cloning endeavors. Our rigorous quality testing includes a large panel of bacterial strains that ensures you will get reproducible results from batch to batch, and we can support large orders for your commercial production. We also package our plates in proprietary sleeves for convenient dispensing and extended shelf life.


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Grow bacterial clones at high yields with our rigorously tested nutrient rich and minimal growth media, available in a variety of formats, from 7 mL bottles to 200 L single-use bags. We offer liquid LB media for high copy number plasmids, and TB media for low copy number plasmids.


Our off-the-shelf solutions come ready-to-use with the antibiotics you need, or we can customize a formulation for your specific application. All our products are sterile filtered and tested, and to ensure performance, we retain and monitor samples for every product's full lifespan.


Our lysis buffers support the efficient removal of plasmid material from bacterial cells using a mixture of SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) and sodium hydroxide. SDS allows for the solubilization of the bacterial cell membrane and sodium hydroxide causes the denaturation of cellular impurities and pDNA exposed during the lysis step.


Note: it is critical to neutralize this solution within 3-5 minutes to avoid permanent denaturation of your desired pDNA product. 

Filtration buffer

Our off-the-shelf Calcium Chloride and Potassium Acetate Solutions provide the pH neutralization required to ensure your pDNA product remains intact. The high salt content from the potassium acetate and calcium chloride solutions facilitate the precipitation of remaining cellular impurities, such as chromosomal DNA and proteins, and residual SDS from the lysis step. Available in a variety of formats.

Binding and elution

For the final purification of your initial plasmid preparation we offer off-the-shelf solutions for the three critical steps within the anion exchange workflow. Available in a variety of formats, our products include a low salt binding buffer of Tris and EDTA, a medium salt wash buffer to remove any residual impurities, and a final high salt elution buffer that removes the product from the column. We also offer TE Buffer for smaller scale plasmid purifications, which can be used as an eluent to ensure pDNA is ready for downstream applications. 



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All our products are fully customizable, from formulation to format to fill volume. Our experts can help find the ideal solution for your application and efficiently manufacture your custom product.

Fully customizable

Need that in a 1 L bottle filled to 500 mL?
Or at a different pH for your DOE?

From formulation to format, quality control testing, documentation, and labeling, we can manufacture exactly what you need. Quickly tailor small volumes of buffers for your early-stage research with our Build•Tek™ Custom Configurator, or consult with our experts to find the best solution for your specific application.


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Improve your analytics and save time in your AAV sample preparation prior to PCR with our robust and streamlined AAV•Tek PCR Sample Prep Kit. Only from Teknova.

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