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Custom Manufacturing

We’re custom by default

Your work is unique. To get the efficient and reliable results you need to succeed, your reagents should be too.


With our modular manufacturing facilities and over 25 years of experience creating complex custom formulations, we can efficiently produce high-quality reagents that are customized for your applications and systems, setting you up to scale from discovery  through development and commercialization.

  • Formulation?
  • Format?
  • Fill volume?
  • Concentration?
  • QC testing?
  • Documention?
  • Labeling?
  • Shipping?

We can customize it.


Explore the options that can be customized for your specific application and system.

Raw materials

We use high-quality raw materials from trusted partners and we can test them to your specifications. We can also facilitate alternate sourcing or work with customer-provided materials.


We have the expertise to produce custom formulations tailored for highly precise pH, osmolality, and conductivity values.


Want that 10x? You got it. We offer concentrates for our standard reagents to help speed up your process while maintaining high-quality solutions.


From stand-alone tubes to 96-well plates to carboys and bags with specific connectors, to custom-engineered bottles, we can provide container formats that fit your needs.

Fill volume    

Need a well plate filled to 57 µL or a 1 L bottle filled to 250 mL? No problem. We can adjust fill volumes, so your solution comes ready to use.

Quality control testing    

We can help design a tailored quality control testing system to ensure your custom formulations meet your requirements and perform as expected.

Documents and labels        

We can customize everything from your Certificate of Analysis to batch record and product label so you get the precise documentation you need.


We offer a wide range of options to protect the integrity of your product, including a monitored temperature-controlled service. Our packaging is designed for easy delivery into your facilities.

Stability testing    

We can develop and execute a testing program to assign an accurate shelf life to your custom product.

Bridging studies

To help you quickly and seamlessly transition your RUO product to GMP, we can perform any required qualification and validation work through our established workflows.

DOE formulations

Our Build•Tek™ Custom Configurator makes it fast and easy to get multiple iterations of a buffer formulation during your early-stage research and DOE.

How it works in a few
simple steps



To quickly tailor 1 L buffers for your early-stage research or DOE, use our Build•Tek™ Custom Configurator. For all other customizations, here’s how we’ll partner with you to create your custom product.

Our custom process is tailored to your workflow. We can work with you to define the requirements for your final product, and the more we know about how you will use it, the better we can help.

Our team will get back to you with a proposed custom solution for your specific application and system. We can discuss options for your quality control testing, Certificate of Analysis, and labeling and provide a quote.

We configure our modular platform to manufacture your precise solution. With our flexible infrastructure, we can deliver most custom products in weeks, not months.


Need a custom
buffer kit?

Tell us the formulation and we'll do the rest. Whether you are in diagnostic research, process development, or shipping directly to customers, we can customize formulation and packaging for your needs. We can also perform stability testing and shipping validation studies.


How do we deliver custom solutions fast
without compromising quality?

With over 25 years of experience making complex reagents, we’ve honed
our production and quality control process to get you consistent, high-quality
custom solutions in weeks, not months.

Innovative manufacturing 

We work with a unique modular manufacturing platform that can be easily configured to make complex custom formulations. It lets us quickly produce highly tailored solutions that are consistent from batch to batch.

Quality you can count on

Our comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to guarantee the quality of your custom products. Our facilities and QMS are ISO 13485:2016 certified, and we offer visibility into our protocols to make sure you have the documentation you need to get your desired outcomes and meet applicable requirements.

Start your
custom order

Tell us what you’re looking for and we can help find the ideal solution for your specific application. Talk to our team today to get started.


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