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AAV●Tek PCR Sample Prep Kit

Get more reliable titer quantification

You can now improve your analytics and save time in your AAV sample preparation prior to PCR with our robust and streamlined AAV•Tek™ PCR Sample Prep Kit. Only from Teknova.

AEX buffer screening kit with box





Sample Prep Kit



Through extensive screening, we created an easy-to-use kit that can help you improve your AAV analytics and reduce the time needed for sample preparation to under two hours.


The kit features our proprietary optimized Dilution Buffer that's formulated to protect against the loss of viral DNA and prevent the inhibition of PCR. When used with the DNase I Treatment to remove exogenous DNA, it allows you to get more accurate titer quantification.


For your convenience, we offer the kit with the Dilution Buffer either in tubes or prefilled 96-well plates. The components of the kits are otherwise the same and follow the same protocol. Either version of the kit can be used throughout your AAV workflow, from harvest to polishing to storage.

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For your convenience, we offer the kit with the Dilution Buffer either in prefilled 96-well plates (10 plates with 1x Dilution Buffer) or in tubes (10 tubes of 10x Dilution Buffer). Both versions of the kit include a DNase I Treatment consisting of 1 tube of DNase I (RNase-Free) and 5 tubes of DNase Reaction Buffer.


How it works

To increase the accuracy of titer quantification, we developed a novel Dilution Buffer that protects against the loss of viral DNA and prevents the inhibition of PCR. This is the core component of our new streamlined method for sample preparation, which takes less than two hours, end-to-end.

how it works

This protocol will guide you through the process of using the AAV•Tek PCR Sample Prep Kit so you can get optimal results. Have a question? We're here to help. Drop us a line at or call 1.800.209.4488.





PCR sample preparation, 


The AAV•Tek PCR Sample Prep Kit is designed to help you overcome five common challenges in AAV sample preparation to ensure you get high yields and reproducible titers.

Robust and multi-purpose


This easy-to-use kit can be used throughout the entire AAV workflow (from harvest to polishing to storage), across PCR platforms, and with multiple serotypes.

Saves time with fewer steps


Our kit combines the dilution step and capsid disruption step in one simple step, saving countless hours by eliminating the need for DNA extraction kits and extensive sample processing.

More reliable quantification


The simplification of the methods reduces the variables throughout the sample preparation process that could otherwise lead to artificially low and inconsistent titers.

See the data

To identify serotype-specific buffer formulations, we utilized a Design of Experiments (DOE) approach to address considerations of DNase activation time, EDTA concentration, DNase Inactivation method, and the need for DNA extraction.

Improves titers more than other AAV diluents

Our Dilution Buffer was developed to aid in AAV stabilization and capsid disruption, and to prevent aggregation. This figure demonstrates improved AAV titers when the performance of the Dilution Buffer is compared to common AAV diluents.



Shows robustness across serotypes,

platforms, and purification steps


Results were confirmed for AAV2, AAV6, and AAV8. To determine the robustness of the optimized protocol, multiple serotypes, PCR platforms, and steps within the manufacturing workflow were analyzed using the determined method. The figure below shows examples for AAV2 for qPCR and dPCR. The x-axes represent the steps at which the samples were analyzed: Harvest Lysate, Filtrate, Affinity Load and Eluate, and AEX Eluate. Looking at the trends on the graphs, you can see a significant difference between optimization rounds 1 and 2 and a large jump from rounds 2 to 3.


Serotype data

We developed a DOE to address considerations of DNase activation time, EDTA concentration, DNase inactivation method, and the need for DNA extraction. The response contour plot shows a significant range of titers (from 3.3E10 to 3.4E11 vg/mL) by addressing these chosen parameters. Results from the DOE provided the optimal conditions: 30 minutes activation time, 25mM EDTA, removal of DNA extraction, and no heat treatment to inactivate the DNase.

Response contour plots: titer



Use the kit throughout

your AAV workflow


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Frequently asked questions

You can find answers here for our most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the information you are looking for, get in touch with our team. We're here to help.

The kit has been tested for qPCR and dPCR, but has not been verified for use with ddPCR. However, the technology behind ddPCR and dPCR is very similar, as they both use positive/negative fluorescence and statistics for quantification, so we do not anticipate any issues when using this sample preparation kit for ddPCR.

Yes, the kit has been tested for AAV2, AAV6, AAV8, and AAV9. See our robustness study for more details. If you are working with other serotypes, get in touch with our team—we may be able to perform tailored testing for your application.

No, this kit is designed for sample preparation only and will not quantify your sample. Further analysis via PCR methods is required after using this kit.

Once you've completed the capsid disruption step, transfer your prepared DNA into your PCR master mix in preparation for your PCR reaction.

We do not see a dramatic difference in titer recovery between our capsid lysis method (heat treatment) and other methods, such as enzymatic or salt and detergent containing lysis buffers. However, we recommend using the heat treatment method for capsid lysis for ease of use. There are fewer variables and components needed, as well as minimal dilution requirements to remove the impact of the lysis component.

Yes, this kit has been tested through multiple stages in the purification process. See our robustness study for more details.

The plates are designed for ease of use when you are doing serial dilutions. They are prefilled with 90 uL of dilution buffer per well and can be used in the immediate next step to perform capsid disruption in a thermocycler before proceeding to the final PCR analysis. The 10x dilution buffer is made to be diluted to 1x and used however you'd like.

Absolutely! We're happy to tailor concentration and format to fit your needs. Get in touch with our team to submit your request.

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